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CAMGA Objectives
The purpose of this Association shall be to:

  Promote Meat Goats as a viable source of long-term, stable income in agricultural operations

  To establish group breeding plans for the improvement of Meat Goats

  Enhance consumer demands at the retail level

The History of the CaMGA

With the increased

  demand for goat meat

  interest in youth raising market Meat Goats

  need for more education

  interest in investing in the fastest growing agricultural industry in the United States.

Meat goat producers saw a need for a state association. CAMGA had it’s first organizational meeting June 12, 2006.


• The public about the role & use of Meat Goats in California agriculture.

• Youth groups about the opportunities of raising Meat Goats

• Breeders on Goat Husbandry, management and marketing


• And help facilitate direct marketing strategies by the producer.

• Commercial Meat Goats as a recognized class in livestock shows.

• California Bred—Meat Goat events


• Ways to promote Meat goats as a viable agricultural product.

• Long Term markets for California Meat Goat Producers

  Marketing Your Meat Goats
  Educating 4-H & FFA Instructors
  Health Issues & Parasites
  Pasture & Herd Management
  Meat Goat Economics
  Herd Selection & Faults
  The Rumen as a Second Brain
  Fitting Your Market Goat
  Meat Goat Reproduction
  Selection of Guardian Animals
  Bio Security
  Record Keeping
  Difference Between Sheep & Goats
  Overview of AI & Collection
  Fetal Count, Age & Kidding
  Hoof Trimming & Disbudding
  Market Goat & Breed Judging
  Feed & Nutrition
  Fairs & Ethics
  Traits of Successful Producers
  Shelters & Feeders
and more…….

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