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California University of California Small Farm Center Research Report SFCRR2005-01
Outlook for a Small Farm Meat Goat Industry For California

Did you know that the United States imports about 700,000 meat goats each year to try and meet the demand of consumers wanting to purchase chevon (goat meat)?  This statistic alone bolts out an amazing message that we need to increase the awareness in this country about meat goats.
Californa Meat Goat Association (CAMGA) is dedicated to education and marketing of our product. Being more informed about raising goats from birthing to nutrition to slaughtering and much more will keep people enthused about raising meat goats.
The Poppy Classic is a perfect example of how educational seminars integrated with this show will continue to promote the importance of meat goats in our country.  Coni Ross presented a "Meat Goats 101" speech in 2008, while Rebecca Cogswell provided a fresh carcass for our judge, Beth Moore from Missouri, to evaluate and share information with 2007 participants. This was very well-received!
In addition, many organizers of meat goat production sales have also included education in their schedule of events. 4-H and FFA groups also educate while teaching youth about proper care and showmanship, which again includes knowledge.